Witness the art of Italian bespoke fur garments

Our clothing collection is ever changing, always evolving to embrace new fashion trends and influences. Each piece originates from SAMUELE CIPRIANI founders' lively imagination and incredible inventiveness, and is then carefully brought to life by skilled Italian fur manufacturers. Now you can take an exclusive glimpse at our newest creations in our London and Forte dei Marmi private showcases.

This is your chance to experience our vision first hand. Marvel at the glamorous designs you could only find in high-fashion runway shows. Feel the warm, soft natural fur skins and the meticulous hand cutting and stitching. Learn what gives us the idea for combinations and materials selection. Let your fantasy run wild and use our outfits and models as inspiration for your next bespoke fur garments.

We host monthly private showcases in London for our loyal international clients. Every showcase is a celebration of genuine Made-in-Italy style and top-level fur craftsmanship. It's also a special opportunity to have a sneak peek of our latest collections before anyone else in the public, and choose which garments you would like to have customized for yourself. It's a thrilling alternative to making your bespoke fur coat from scratch that allows you to see a preview of the finished garments with your own eyes. In any case we always proceed to create a new, unique piece especially for you with your body measurements and specific requests in mind based on the design you have chosen at the show.

For an even more exclusive experience, you can also attend our local private meetings in Forte dei Marmi, near the Tuscan base of our brand. Meetings are limited to only a small number of clients to provide a personal, intimate event up to our unmatched customer service's standards. Again you'll be able to admire our fur samples and garment selection, and enjoy yourself surrounded by chic, elegant clothes.

Only when you become our customer you receive a private invitation to our showcases. If you want to be part of our next event, join our list of loyal clients from all over the world, from the Emirates to Europe, and start exploring all the possibilities that SAMUELE CIPRIANI has to offer to your wardrobe.