Design and manufacture excellence at your service

The concept behind SAMUELE CIPRIANI luxury fur garments is simple yet revolutionary: combining personalized haute couture designs with the finest fur skins and fabrics. Finally clients who seek exclusivity, originality, and style don't need to compromise on the exquisite quality of materials and craftsmanship. All our bespoke luxury fur coats are the perfect mix of high-fashion glamour, natural fur softness, and genuine Italian hand manufacture.

SAMUELE CIPRIANI was created as a brand in 2014 for the very purpose of offering demanding and scrupulous customers a first-class alternative to both regular, ready-to-wear firms and low-quality designer firms. Its ambitious aim is to produce something that has never been done before in the fur industry: custom, fashionable designer clothes made from only the best materials.

Its founders Samuele and Elena, who are partners both in life and in business, have shared for over a decade the dream of promoting beauty, luxury, and Made-in-Italy excellence around the world. With the same passion they coordinate every aspect of the creative and manufacturing process, from materials selection to taking clients' body measurements in person worldwide, in order to bring to life unique, made-to-measure fur garments. Their inextinguishable creativity allows them to come up with always new, fresh designs and collections to surprise and inspire costumers everywhere.

To achieve the highest standards in fur manufacture, SAMUELE CIPRIANI only select top-quality certified, genuine fur and organic fabrics. You can choose from a large variety of fur types, from mink to fox, from chinchilla to sable, in several colour options such as mahogany, pearl, and black, depending on the classic or flamboyant look you desire. Our fabrics are equally refined; we carry only natural Italian fibers like pure cashmere, virgin wool, and alpaca wool.

Whichever you pick, all fur skins and fabrics are always locally produced and sourced from trusted suppliers in Tuscany who also provide materials for world-renowned fashion brands. The entire garment construction process is also carried out in small, local fur workshops by skilled Tuscan artisans utilizing a combination of traditional techniques, advanced technology, and impeccable craftsmanship. We are proud to say that our fur pieces are 100% genuine Italian products.

To prove you the quality of our fur garments, each piece comes with a unique authenticity warranty which certifies the type and origin of its fur skins. This way you are guaranteed to receive only real fur obtained from certified farms and producers in accordance with international standards of sustainability. We pay close attention to animal protection, hence our fur production is fully sustainable and environment-friendly.

At SAMUELE CIPRIANI we never create two identical fur coats, because every garment is made from scratch with customer's specific requests in mind. The result is always unique, exactly as our clients. Check out our made-to-measure fit page to learn more about our personalized luxury service, or schedule an appointment on our contact page to begin your exclusive bespoke experience now.