Ever-changing fur garments to always feel luxurious

We're against stasis and steadiness. SAMUELE CIPRIANI is everything that is fresh, original, ever-changing. Each piece we create is the result of nonstop improvements to be the best we've ever made. That's why we don't have a permanent clothing collection. We custom design and construct always different bespoke fur garments for private clients who desire one-of-a-kind fur coats, vests or jackets to enhance their unique wardrobe and style.

We make personalized, made-to-measure fur pieces from customers' imagination or inspirations following their specific requirements. If you want to have a taste of what we've designed in the past and what we could custom create especially for you in the future, check out our private showcases or request a personal consultation. Let us spoil and surprise you with never-ending new garments to wear at all your formal events or casual night outs.

Still we do have some fixed points in our evolving collection, and those are our quality principles: all our fur garments are made with certified natural fur skins and fabrics and hand-manufactured by skilled Italian fur artisans in specialized Tuscan workshops. You can choose from a wide range of hand-selected, real fur skin types such as:

Mink Fox Sable Chinchilla Persian lamb Sheepskin
For each garment we provide a large palette of colours, ranging from dyed fur in the trending colours of the fashion season to rare, to fur in hard-to-find, rare natural colours, like:

Classic white Black-glama Sable Scan black
Our selection of natural Italian fabrics is equally refined, including:

Virgin wool Pure cashmere Alpaca wool
Design-wise, you can request a large number of different garments, like:

Long coats Jackets Vests Fur kimonos Reversible fur coats Sheepskin coats
With our expert consultation, you are assured to find the perfect combination to achieve the exclusive, distinctive piece you have envisioned. Since we don't stick to single collections, SAMUELE CIPRIANI luxury fur garments are not constrained to temporary trends and never go out of style. Not only the looks of your fur piece will be timeless: as we only utilize top-of-the-line materials and techniques, it will accompany you for decades to come while remaining comfortable, practical, and lightweight.

Make a fashion statement and ensure you the fur garment of your dreams by scheduling an appointment for a private consultation now.