One mission: the perfect fit

Fur garments are an incredibly versatile clothing choice, blending sophisticated and smart looks in one item. Our bespoke fur coats take that versatility one step further. They are designed to suit perfectly your style and yours only, becoming a part of who you are. Each piece is manufactured entirely in Italy around your specifications, taste, and preferences to present you with the one-of-a-kind fur coat of your dreams. And so is our specialized customer service: personal, tailored to your desires, delivered straight to your door.

Get ready for the ultimate bespoke experience. All our customized fur garments are based on client-specific on-body measurements and clothing patterns to fit you as a second skin. We offer a worldwide international travel service to guarantee you the perfect level of fit accuracy you deserve. When you request your first SAMUELE CIPRIANI luxury fur coat, we fly directly to your house to take a unique set of body measurements in person. You're in safe hands: we accept nothing less than perfection.

You can count on our personalized consultation to help you select the ideal design details, fur skins, colours, and fabrics that complement your individual style and fulfill your wardrobe necessities. We are happy to add any finishes, buttons, and extra accessories to achieve the original, glamorous look you aspire to. Your fur piece will be hand-manufactured entirely in small, trusted fur workshops in Tuscany, which also collaborate with many world-renowned designer labels, to provide you with the highest, genuine Tuscan quality of clothes. Once your fur coat is ready, we'll return to your house to unveil the finished garment and make any final adjustments. Alternatively your piece can be delivered to your address with the fastest and safest worldwide delivery method of your choice.

And fur coats are just the beginning. You can also request custom-made fur vests, jackets, gilets, and more. Let yourself be inspired by our London showcases or just unleash your imagination. In any case we'll guide you through the entire design and manufacturing process, working side by side to create the exact garment you have envisioned. Your bespoke fur piece will become the crown jewel of your wardrobe. Every time you wear it you'll know no one else owns a piece like it and feel empowered to express your authentic style.

At SAMUELE CIPRIANI we don't just make fur coats; we make fur coats just for you. Treat yourself to an exclusive, distinctive fur garment and a personalized, enjoyable luxury service. Visit our contact page to schedule an appointment now.